Why would a Beginning CrossFitter Choose Alpine?

While it might be easier to see what makes CrossFit different from Lifetime, 24 Hour Fitness, Orange Theory, or F45. It's not always obvious to see what makes one CrossFit Gym different from the next. Alpine is different from other gyms in the area for a few reasons, see the link below for more details.

Managing Expectations

What can I expect from starting CrossFit

CrossFit will produce a multitude of positive changes in your body, including increased strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and power, which will result in overall improvements in your  health. When you train at Alpine, under our credentialed coach, workouts are tailored to meet you at your fitness level. This ensures you are performing movements safely and at an intensity level that is right for you. Through a combination of functional movements, varied exercises, repetition ranges, distances, and durations, your body undergoes a remarkable transformation — including changes in body composition that can help you reach your goals. For more on expectations, check out CrossFit's full article here

How Do Beginners Start CrossFit

While we understand that walking into your local CrossFit can be intimidating, there is truly no better place for you to take that first step.

Alpine CrossFit trainers are experts in the art of scaling and modifying workouts to meet you where you are. Much like a math tutor can break down the complexities of algebra and create structured drills for you to practice so you can improve, our trainers will do the same for complex functional exercises.

Getting started in CrossFit is much easier than you might think. Alpine has an entry-level program designed to get you up to speed on the class program before having you join group classes. This ensures that you have some comfort with the movements as well as a head start on building your fitness base.

Every one of our members understands how hard it is to get started. The memory of our first workout is forever etched in our minds — which is why the community is so welcoming to new members. We have walked in your shoes. We have felt your struggles and fears. We have persevered and overcome, and we are excited to see you do the same. For more information, visit this link.

How Long Will It Take me To Reach my Goals

How to make starting less scary

Do I need to be fit to start

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